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Cover Letters, Internships and a Crisis

You know what I hate the most? Cover letters.  This might be because I suck at writing them and find them pointless or because I’m not the type of person who likes to talk about my strengths and how wonderful I am, tooting my own horn is just not my thing.  However this week has been filled with me having to write not only a cover letter but also a resume, because it is the time of year when all college students are looking and applying for internships, and one of those college students looking for an internship is me.

I’m sure this is the point where you are wondering why I am looking for an internship or rather why am I still in college.  Well for those who are curious here is your answer: I spent five years in New York City.  I went to a dramatic conservatory for acting and tried my hand at that.  I had two internships while in school there and got a ton of experience.  But in 2010 I decided to move back home and go back to school to get my degree in Film and Media and work more on the production side of things.  And this is why I am almost 25 and still in college and looking for an internship.

An internship for those of you that don’t know is an unpaid job position for college students where they can get experience in the field of work they want to go into after school. In other words they are glorified coffee pourers.

However to have people take you serious after school you need experience and to get experience while in college is to have an internship, hence why people apply for them and are willing to work for free.


Now, I am just as good as any other student applying for an internship, maybe even better and because I am older I want the internship more.  My GPA is high, I have had past internships (even if they were five years ago) and I work a full-time job while going to school.  However I am worried that this will not be good enough, because of my age I’m scared that they will look over me.

I mean what other 25 year old is applying for an unpaid internship?  Most of the people I went to high school with or who are my age are out of school working in their first job or are in Grad-School, Med-School or Law-School.  My point is, I’m old when it comes to interns.  I’m not saying that I’m supper old or anything, I mean 25 is not that bad, and in the internship world I’m scared that it is.  And this is where my crisis came from this week.

So as I write my cover letter and apply for these internships, I try to keep in mind that I am not that old and that I am just as good as the 20 year old that will be sitting next to me waiting to go in for their interview before me.


And that is my quarter-life rant of the day.




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