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Hello Crisis!

Well here I am.

I guess this is the time when I should introduce myself. Well, I’m 5’3, brown curly hair with big eyes. I’m that person who hardly ever laugh at other people’s jokes, I sometimes cry for no good reason, I like to dip my grilled cheeses in ketchup, I’m dating this amazing guy who is head over heels for me and the most important of all, I’m crazy.  I am in this moment going through what many might say is a quarter life crisis, yes I believe there are such a thing as a quarter life crises and I am going through it.  What is a quarter-life crisis you ask?  Well to steel from my favorite dictionary, the urban one, a quarter-life crisis usually occurs sometime in your twenties, a few years out of school and still feeling as thought you’re waiting for your life to begin.

And that is just what I am doing, I am 24, I’m back in school and I’m waiting for my life to begin.  So this blog is about me and anyone else out there who is just trying to find themselves.



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