What Is A Quarter-Life Crisis?

Aw, the quarter-life crisis, some people believe in it, others think it’s a lame excuse for people in their 20’s to be free sprits and not do anything.  So the question is, does the quarter-life crisis exist?  I am here to tell you that the quarter-life crisis is in fact a real thing, at least I believe so, because I feel like in a way I am going through mine now.

The next question is, what is the quarter-life crisis?  Well my good friend Wikipedia says that, “people experiencing a quarter life crisis often feel “lost, scared, lonely or confused” about what steps to take in order to transition properly into adulthood”.   This sounds crazy, I know, but when you think about it, once you leave college and start living on your own, life can be pretty crazy.  Yes, you go to college and learn how do skills that will fit whatever profession you pick, but there are no classes on how to survive once outside of college.

I mean think about, between the ages of birth to 18, you are raised and taken care of by your parents, guardians or whomever; you are in a bubble of some sorts.  Then after those 18 years you go to college, and there you are in another bubble for 4 more years, you just go from one safe bubble to another bubble.  Now at the age of 22 you are being sent out into the world, the safe bubble you have had for 22 years of your life is being popped.  There are some who find a new bubble right away, they find a job, they get married, they go to grad school, but then there are those who don’t know what to do or what the next step is, they don’t find a new bubble right away, and those are the ones in a quarter-life crisis.

You don’t have to believe in the quarter-life crisis, for all I know this feeling that I’m having is just me being crazy and a sign I should get on some meds or see a good therapist.  But if you do believe in it and even think your going through it, know that you’re not alone and that one day you’ll find your new bubble.

I leave you with this:



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6 responses to “What Is A Quarter-Life Crisis?

  1. If the mid-life crisis is real, then so is the quarter life crisis! It’s an opportunity to live out your life dreams before it’s “too late”. Plus, it’s cute now when you’re young, not so cute at 40!

  2. I had one of those, too! It gets better. 🙂

  3. Natalia

    It seems like your goals are set by society’s expectations, rather than your own.

    I’m 25. In two months, I’m leaving it behind for 26.
    If I compare my life to most of my friends, I would feel in a crisis because I don’t own a home, I’m not married, I haven’t graduated yet, I haven’t even thought of what type of job I’ll have, I don’t have a fancy car, I’m not pregnant… I haven’t “found”/”created” a bubble to the same degree as them.

    I wake up everyday and honestly ask myself: what do I want? Is it really what they have? Or is because I don’t have what they have?
    I set out goals of happiness/accomplishments/experiences that aren’t limited by time or expectation – it’s definitely been an effective means to filter out societal expectations and to stay true to desires that flare out from my own personal interest.

  4. Undercurrent

    Ahhh the QLC…topic of my preference because mine was a doozy…and overcoming it has made me who I am today — so much in fact, I’m a QUARTER LIFE CRISIS-coach…here’s my latest article on it too: http://undercurrentcoaching.com/2011/11/29/5-phases-of-a-quarter-life-crisis-are-you-in-one-right-now/

    @quarterlifepickmeup — I totally agree — it’s an opportunity to grow-up before it’s “too late”

  5. I think there is a terrible reality to quarter life crisis after college/university: earning money to pay off debt or start up one’s own home.

    No one will bail you out in the end. Parents die, friends have their own lives.
    Sure I was a bit “lost” for first year or so after university. But man, with only $13.00 CAN to my name, I had to get my ass going to earn some moolah.

    Long time ago..I’m past half century, though not all folks my age would believe it since I’m on the bike.

    Create something cheap and creative for yourself. My parents gave me a sewing machine (which I repaid back later). So I had to sew a work wardrobe first.

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