10 Reasons It Suck’s To Be In Your 20’s

So I thought I would make a list of 10 reasons why it sucks to be in your 20’s.  Now, I’m not saying that everything about your 20’s sucks, but come on, there are somethings that really do suck about being 22, 25, 27 or whatever year you are in.  If you are somewhere between 20 and 29 years of age, there are for sure things that suck about it, don’t lie.  So here is my list of 10 reasons why it sucks to be in your 20’s:

1) Dating, if you didn’t meet that special person in high school or college, then you know what I’m talking about.

2) Snow does not mean a snow day.

3) Work, the reason you don’t get a snow day and also that thing you feel like you’re doing all the time and that is coming between you and sleep.

4)  You have to be cool. I don’t care who you are, there is this unspoken pressure that once you turn 20 you must be cool for the next 10 years. Because once you turn 30 there is no way you can be cool. I blame hipsters and the Kardashians for this.

5) Car problems.  Your cars transmission could care less about the number in your bank account, it’s going to break when it wants to, just hope you’re 30 when it does.

6) You still get acne. I thought this went away once I turned 20, I was wrong.

7) Debt, do I need to say more?

8 ) You are still treated like a child. For some reason every person older than you in your family will not see you as an adult until you are 30. Even if you are living on your own, they just won’t, deal with it.

9) You can’t drink or party like you used to.  So stop taping those 40’s to your hands and trying to be Edward 40-Hands.

and lastly,

10 ) The years go by faster, no really they do. I mean wasn’t it just January 1st? Now Christmas tress are up? What the fuck!?!

And there you have it folks.




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5 responses to “10 Reasons It Suck’s To Be In Your 20’s

  1. Hope you don’t mind, I’m bored at work so I thought I’d respond to each reason! 🙂

    1. Dating hasn’t been so bad for me, I’m a sexy beast, beast being the keyword, I’ve done alright since hitting 20.

    2. Snow definitely doesn’t mean a snow day, especially if you’re living in the French Alps like I was last year! Or when I worked for a hotel and had to live there for a week because no one could get in.

    3. Work has been horrendous this year, it took me 8 months to find a job I like and didn’t mess up! But even now the only thing I look forward to is going to bed.

    4. I am pretty cool, which I don’t mind as I wasn’t all that cool in my late teens.

    5. No kidding, I spent over £600 on this piece of crap I’m driving this year, a higher number if you’re American. Not good when you’ve been in and out of work all year.

    6. I don’t get this so much, I get the occasional spot but that’s only when I don’t shave for ages.

    7. You certainly don’t. I’ve been in debt for the past two years, I had a sales job late last year that I hated with every sense of the word but it got me out of it. Then I went abroad to work and since coming back it’s been steadily climbing back up.

    8. I sometimes still have to ask my Dad’s semi-permission to do things, such as buying a laptop, “Why do you want one”
    …I just do!

    9. I used to look forward to going out in my late teens/early 20s, sometimes I’ll have a shave before I go out (I have a young face) and I’ll get ID’d at a club, I’ll purposely leave it at home so they don’t let me in.
    “No ID, no entry.”
    “Cheers mate.”
    I used to be an animal with alcohol, now I’ll have four pints and feel bloated.

    10. Damn right it was just the turn of the year, it seems like a few weeks ago that I was just leaving for France to start a ski season, broke my coccyx (arse bone) on the ice and had to come home. Yet it’s been an entire year since I left for France!! I’ll be 30 before I know it and uncool and too old to ogle fine looking ladies.

    Being 20 does suck, I can’t imagine 30s will be any better, that’s when you start recapturing your youth and failing badly.

  2. great post and good comment lol i like #1 and #2 the best

  3. Very funny. #4 made me sad, since I’m over the age of 29. But it’s true.

  4. Wow, great list! #8 really gets me the most. A lot of salesman have lost business from me because of that.

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