I Blame Facebook

I blame Facebook for being a main contributor to the quarter-life crisis.  Every time I log on to the book I am always faced with something great that has happened to one of my friends.  Last night I logged on to find someone had gotten engaged, today I logged on to find that another friend is having a baby.  When did this start happening?  It’s bad enough that I have to try to think of witty status to keep people interested in me, but I feel like my friends achievements are always over shadowing my wittiness.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my friends, really, I hope they all have wonderful marriages and healthy babies.  However their marriages and babies are starting to make me feel a little like a failure.

This leads me to my argument that I believe that the quarter-life crisis has grown with the popularity of the Facebook.   Before Facebook people were never informed 24/7 about what other people were doing with their lives.  Like that weird girl Suzy who sat behind me in 10th grade English, and who chewed her hair and who I never thought would get out of our home town, well she’s now an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.  How did I find this out? FACEBOOK!!!!  I could have gone my whole life thinking that I was at least better than weird Suzy, but because of Facebook I can’t.  Now I’m sure you’re all saying, “Just stop going on Facebook”, but lets be real.  I already have nothing to do in my life other than school and work at my dad’s office; I need Facebook to entertain me.   All I’m saying is that if you have a friend out there that you know is struggling a little to fit into the grown-up world, be nice and post your engagement or ultrasound pictures when you know they might not be on, or better yet just don’t post them at all, wait until you’re 30 to post them. Okay?

That’s my quarter-life thought of the day, now I need to go write a paper, or maybe I’ll just log on to Facebook to see who’s having a baby now.



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3 responses to “I Blame Facebook

  1. FaceBook isn’t good for your spirit. Give it up. grrrl. Your REAL friends are the ones you see face-to-face.

  2. Good work, keep it up! I’ve mentioned on my blog numerous times how much I hate Facebook, like if you’re particularly annoyed with someone’s status’ and you remove them they suddenly get the idea that your 10 year friendship is over.

    It’s pathetic, people’s friendships are largely based on Facebook now.

    Status – “Had a great night last night.”
    Reply – “Why didnt you invite me?”
    Response – “…Uhhh… Because I don’t like you!”

    And for the reasons you mentioned as well, it used to be great catching up with everyone when I joined in 2006, now it just annoys me, makes me angry, bitter and jealous.

    Zuckerberg is the devil.

  3. I hear you. I get annoyed beyond my wits when I see pictures of exotic vacations that people post. God I can yell out of jealousy.

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